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Plinko is a thrilling gambling entertainment with arcade elements, inspired by the American TV show “The Price Is Right.” The game is developed by various providers, including BGaming, Spribe, and many others. Regardless of the provider, the slot has simple rules and remains highly enticing due to the chance of winning a huge payout just by observing where the ball falls after placing a bet. The maximum payout can reach up to x1000 of the bet amount.   

plinko strategy

While some players prefer to rely solely on luck and the unpredictable outcomes of the random number generator, others create their own Plinko strategies to compete for massive payouts. A well-thought-out tactic must consider the simulator parameters, deposit size, player’s aspirations, and other important nuances. In this article, we will delve into effective tactics in more detail.  

Best Plinko Tactics: Schemes to Use in the Game 

Exploring effective tactics for the Plinko game can lead to substantial winnings. Depending on a player’s experience and expectations, an optimal betting scheme can be devised. The following strategies are commonly used in the game:  

  1. Cautious Scheme: This approach aims to provide generous returns to the player. In simple terms, the longer the user places bets, the lower the chances of depleting the entire bankroll and the higher the chances of winning. If a player makes only a few bets, they may lose before experiencing a return. Of course, it’s possible to score a significant sum on the first bet, but it all depends on luck. The game’s RTP is 97% when played for a considerable period.  
Big win plinko

 2. Big Bets Principle: Once a player has accumulated winnings in the game, they can switch to making larger bets. This carries a higher risk, but also offers a greater chance of winning a substantial prize. There is a difference between winning x100 with an initial bet of 10 coins and winning with a bet of 100 coins. Throughout the game, players can combine small and large bets.  

3. Staircase Strategy: This betting principle is based on the Martingale strategy, where the player doubles the bet amount after each loss. If the player wins, they return to the original bet amount. The “Staircase” strategy differs from the basic tactic as it requires more thoughtful gameplay. The slot offers a multiplier of x2 with a frequency of approximately once every 10-15 sessions. Since the slot rarely provides generous multipliers, it’s crucial to calculate the bankroll wisely to ensure it lasts for a long duration, during which a minimum of 500 bets should be placed.

Before selecting a specific Plinko game strategy, players should thoroughly understand all the mechanics. Unlike traditional slots with spinning symbols, this game uses contacts or pegs, which represent the number of active virtual lanes with obstacles for the ball. Depending on the slot version, players can set the number of lanes from 8 to 16.   

The key here is that the more lanes are set, the more potential the prize becomes, but the chances of winning decrease. This is why some players use a strategy of fixed bets, adding lanes each time a x2 multiplier appears in a round.   

Conclusion: is Plinko strategy so effective 

Plinko game hacked version for many players remains a pipe dream, so to increase the probability of winning most prefer to use special strategies. It is worth noting that no scheme is able to give a 100% result, since the outcome of each round is random and is based on the issuance of the GSC. Neither the developer, nor the casino or the gambler is not able to influence the outcome of the event. At the same time working tactic is able to increase the likelihood of winning.   

It is better to test the strategy during the demo format, when the gambler does not risk his own bank. Once the working scheme of bets is determined, you can register, make a deposit and proceed to the exciting and monetary pastime.   

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