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The Plinko game is a popular hit among many gambling activities around the world. Visitors to online casinos praise this game because of its exciting gameplay, simple rules and increased odds of winning, with an average return of 98%. “Plinko” is different from the classic slots and offers a new gaming experience.

“Plinko” is a simulator with arcade elements, based on the American TV show “The Price is Right.” To win, the player must bet on the ball, which falls from top to bottom, to get it into a hole with a multiplier greater than 1. On the path of the ball are lines with pegs, creating various obstacles. Interacting with them, the plinko ball changes its trajectory unpredictably, so winning is never guaranteed.

What people write about plinko on forums

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“The game seems okay. I’ve gone up a little bit. Compared to other games, the rest seems like some kind of scam.”

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“Very simple game, drop the ball and watch the winnings. My friend told me about this game. There’s not a lot of adrenaline, which is perfect when you want to play without stress.”

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 “I lost my first few bets, but I bet 30 rubles each. But then luck smiled – I won 200 rubles, and then another and another… In general, for half an hour I won almost 2 thousand rubles, I recommend it!”

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“I found a good casino with a great selection of games and my favorite game ‘Plinko’ by Spribe. So far I’m satisfied.”

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