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Plinko is a thrilling slot game inspired by the popular tabletop arcade game based on “Price Is Right” TV show. The first official Plinko machine was released by BGAIMING studio on June 19, 2019. Since its creation, the game has gained immense popularity, leading top developers to create their own versions. Plinko slots can be found in the game libraries of various studios such as Spribe, Smartsoft, Betsolutions, and more.   

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Regardless of the creator, the game is designed to be easily understood and does not require any special knowledge or skills to start playing. Many gamblers are attracted to Plinko due to its excellent winning chances, as successful bets can result in payouts up to x1000 of the initial amount.  

The Essence of Plinko Online 

Game Although Plinko simulators are offered by different gambling studios, the rules of the game remain the same across all versions. Each round begins with a ball dropping from the top of a pyramid and descending downwards. The game field is filled with pegs, which act as obstacles along the ball’s trajectory. The ball’s movement is random, but the ultimate goal is always to land in the corresponding slot, which offers a specific multiplier. The outcome depends on the random number generator, which determines whether the player wins or loses.  

However, Plinko rounds are not limited to simply placing bets. The game also features additional customizable parameters that players can adjust according to their preferences:  

Risk level: This determines the variance or payout rate of the slot. Players can choose a low, normal, or high Risk Level based on their preference.  

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  • Number of pegs: This parameter refers to the activated vertical rows of pegs on the field. Before the ball reaches the designated slot at the bottom of the pyramid, it must navigate through all the protruding pegs. The number of rows can be adjusted, but it depends on the developer. For example, BGAIMING’s software may have 8-16 pegs, Spribe offers 12-14-16 contacts, while Smartsoft has fixed peg positions.  
  • Betting type: Each round can be manually launched separately or set to automatic mode. This feature is available in every version of the game, regardless of the developer.  

The Plinko website states that each round never exceeds 10 seconds. Within a minute, players can place up to 6 bets and, with favorable circumstances, end the session with a considerable win. It’s important to note that each slot on the field has its own win and loss coefficient, ranging from x0.2 to x1000. If the ball falls into a slot with a multiplier below x1, the gambler loses a portion of their bet. Conversely, if the coefficient is above x1, the player receives a prize.   Before playing, be sure to try out our strategies for winning.

Graphics and Interface 

Upon entering Plinko Casino, players are greeted with rhythmic music. During gameplay, when the ball encounters obstacles, it produces the distinctive “plink-plink” sound, from which the game gets its name. However, users have the option to disable the sound effects if they prefer a silent gaming experience.   

BGaming, the developer, aimed to make the Plinko slot game simple and easy to understand, opting for a minimalistic design. The background is presented in a blue color scheme. The left side of the screen features a block with the following information:  

  • Activation time of the ball 
  • Bet amount 
  • Payout size 
  • Balance changes for the gambler 
plinko играть

The right side is dedicated to the pyramid with white pegs. Balls descend from the top and fall into empty slots, depending on the set risk level. Below the pyramid, buttons are provided to activate different functions.   You can download Plinko from our website here.

How to Play Plinko for Free 

plinko demo

No matter how simple and straightforward Plinko may seem, many beginners prefer to try the demo version for free before moving on to betting real money. The demo version involves no risks, as the rounds are purely for entertainment purposes. Virtual credits are provided for placing bets.  

To aim for the highest multiplier in the Plinko game, which is x1000, it is recommended to register on the gambling website. After creating an account, players need to deposit funds. In this situation, beginners should refrain from placing large bets initially and practice with smaller amounts. Once comfortable, they can transition to more serious gameplay, aiming for generous wins.   

Playing Plinko for Real Money: Providers Offering This Entertainment 

Engaging in Plinko with cash withdrawals is only possible on trusted online casino websites. By relying on licensed providers, players can ensure the safety and protection of their personal information. They can also verify the fairness of the software’s payouts, generous bonus offers, the equivalence of the demo mode to the real game without manipulation, and the absence of other deceptive practices.  

The following are some of the reputable providers: 

  • Up-X: This establishment offers players a deposit bonus ranging from 3% to 10% of the deposited amount. Customers are also entitled to cashback between 0.1% and 1%, along with other rewards.  
  • Lucky Plinko: Bonuses are provided for joining groups, subscribing to newsletters, and other actions.   
  • 1xbet: By registering on this website and making a deposit, players can receive a 100% bonus based on the deposited amount. Additionally, customers can enjoy a welcome package, cashback of up to 10%, and other gifts.  
  • 1win: The first deposit can yield up to 500% bonus, cashback of up to 30% for casino games, and other rewards.  
  • Pin-up:: The welcome package includes a 200% bonus based on the deposited amount, daily races, competitions, and more.  

Regardless of the chosen provider from the above list, all websites offer the original Plinko slot with fair payouts that cannot be tampered with.  


What is the variance of the Plinko game? 

Plinko has variable variance depending on the player’s chosen risk level. This approach is quite unique for a casino game library, which often features software with predetermined variances.   

What is the betting range? 

To start a round, players need to place bets ranging from 1 to 100 coins. 

What is the maximum amount of money that can be won? 

The highest payout is calculated with a multiplier of x1000. This multiplier is one of the most generous among virtual games. Similar entertainments usually have a maximum multiplier of no more than x100, making this slot stand out favorably compared to its competitors.  

How to receive bonuses in the game? 

Gifts can be obtained from the operator who offers bets in the game. Club members can receive free spins or money credited to their accounts, which can be used in Plinko. More details can be found on the promo codes page.   

How to find reviews?

You can find player reviews about Plinko on our website or on other thematic portals related to gambling games.

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